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There are two primary components to know about a garage door. First, there is the actual door and the second part is the garage door opener. Depending on which part of the garage door is broken, you may be able to make the garage door repairs in New Orleans yourself, or you can always call one of the trusted New Orleans garage door technicians at American Garage Door.

Depending on whether you have a roll-up garage door or one that swings up, first you must locate the point at which the door is broken. The door relies on heavy springs that give it the power to move up and across the metal tracks. The tracks work much the same as train tracks, so if the door slides off the track due to a heavy jolt, push or mechanical malfunction, then it will not slide up and down the tracks smoothly. It will become like a train that gets derailed. This can cause injury to you or a family member if not addressed. So it is important to get your garage door repair in New Orleans done as quickly as possible. If you wait too long, the tracks or wheels of the garage door can become immobile, either by rusting or getting stuck in a precarious position.

Garage doors with horizontal tracks must have a slight “slant” that directly faces behind the garage door; however the roll-up style garage doors should have vertical tracks that are parallel to the garage walls.

Here is a 5-Step Process to Repair a Garage Door:

  • Examine the garage door tracks. Take a closer look at the metal tracks and mounting brackets to see if they are firmly fixed to the wall. It could be as simple as having a loose screw or bolt that keeps the brackets firmly connected, which can then cause the garage door to malfunction. Inspect the inner parts for any warps, dents, or damage.
  • Use proper tools. If you do find a bend or warp, you can try pounding it down to its proper position with a rubber mallet or carpenter’s hammer. Use a block of wood so as not to further cause damage to the metal track. However, if you determine that the garage door track is severely damaged, then do not attempt to do this. Instead, your garage door in New Orleans must be replaced.
  • Clean the garage door rollers and tracks. Good old WD-40 can help to grease the garage door track to make it operate smoothly. Use an old rag to wipe down debris or hardened dirt that could be causing the door to get stuck. Do these for both the tracks and the garage door rollers, but wipe them down to make sure they are not too oily.
  • Replace loose bolts and screws. If screws are loose due to repeated use or damage, then tighten them or replace them with a longer screw of the same circumference if the hole is too big. Sometimes the wood may be cracked near the hinges, in which case you can remove it and use wood filler to fill the cracks after it dries. It is better to use a new hinge than to use an old, rusty or malfunctioning hinge.
  • Determine if the malfunction is linked to the garage door opener. If you have properly cleaned, adjusted and fine-tuned the mechanical elements of your garage door tracks and the garage doors are still failing, then it may be linked to your garage door opener. In this case, you may need a garage door repair service in Louisiana to come to your home to help you quickly repair or replace the garage door opener.

For assistance with a garage door repair in New Orleans or Mandeville, LA, contact our garage door repair experts at American Garage Door at 888-991-7030. It may cost less than you think to get your garage door repaired today!

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