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Does your garage door in New Orleans or Slidell sound like a ferocious monster every time it opens and shuts? Or if yours is manual, do you worry that someone will get hurt opening and closing it by hand?

We once had a customer who had to sleep during the day, so every time the garage door opened to let out another family member, it woke him up because it was so loud and obnoxious. American Garage Doors of Mandeville, LA can help you get to the root of the problem and find a strong solution. Whether you need a garage door replacement, or just a new garage lift kit installed, we can make your garage door a whole lot safer, more efficient, and also quieter to use!

Why is the Garage Door So Loud?

Most garage doors do make some noise when opening and closing, but the more modern garage door opening systems have smoother gears, streamlined tracks and use innovative technology to bring down the noise level. Your garage door is more apt to make those terrible noises when it is older or not functioning as well as a new door, but even if you do not want to go through the expense of a garage door replacement in LA, our highly trained garage door technicians can come out and service or repair your garage door opener and tracks.

It may be just a matter of cleaning, oiling and fixing any warps that have occurred due to a shift in the home’s foundation, or weather-induced, or accidental bumping, among other reasons. The most common cause of a noisy garage door is due to loss of lubrication and friction. The moving parts need lubrication in order to flow smoothly up and down the track, so if the oil dries out, then the door may grind or rumble. Another common nuisance is that the parts can wear out, just as with any type of machinery. Screws and bolts get loose, or rollers and hinges can get warped.

So, although your garage door may still be in working condition, if any of the above things are true, then it may sound as though a loud monster is lurking in your garage. We would not recommend remedying this yourself, unless you know what you are doing. If the matter is as simple as applying special garage door track lubricant, then all the power to you… however you should note that doing it wrong can result in even worse problems and louder noises! American Garage Door does not recommend using WD-40 to solve your garage door ailments. Try cleaning it first, but if that does not work, then call us to help you determine a solution.

We will help you tame that loud monster in the garage!

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