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Garage doors are one of those overlooked characteristics of a building that people don’t really think about until they are in the market for one. So, when it comes time to buy one, either because you are building a new home or commercial building, or because you need to replace an outdated garage door in Baton Rouge or New Orleans, then you may have a lot of questions.

  • Like, what type of material should I buy?
  • How much do garage doors cost?
  • Which types of garage doors last the longest?
  • What style looks best with my property?

The truth is, there are a lot of variables to consider. It comes down to personal preferences, as well as where you live. Folks along the coastline may prefer something extra heavy duty, since their homes and buildings are more vulnerable to passing storms and harsh weather conditions. The good news is that the garage doors made today provide more security and insulation than ever! New technology makes it possible to have the best of both worlds, in beauty and durability.

Now, here are some different garage door materials for you to consider:

  • Wood

Wood is a classic, and for good reason. Their strong panels often have a strong warranty behind them, especially those wood garage doors that are custom made. Wood used to be the “go-to” and preferred material of the garage door industry, but now with so many other choices on the market, there are many other options available. The only drawback is that wood garage doors may require some regular updating/staining/painting to preserve their long-lasting beauty for your home.

  • Steel

Most garage doors are now made of steel, which is indisputably the strongest and most durable. While commercial buildings are their mainstay, many homeowners choose steel because of their good looks and “wood like” pattern. They can also come in a smooth finish or be decorated to look like other finishes, which disguises their steel craftsmanship. You will find their resilient foam insulation to be very energy efficient, while the garage doors with a baked on primer and topcoat will preserve the quality and prevent rust, chipping and other wear and tear.

  • Plastic/Polyethylene

Although rather new to the garage door market, plastic or polyethylene garage doors are rapidly growing in popularity. They have many benefits, including lightweight durability and low maintenance/upkeep. Because of the high density plastic that is used, the plastic garage doors are very quiet in operation and are virtually rot-free. Most have a UV-resistant additive which – even under the sun’s hot rays – can take a beating without fading. This is truer for the lighter colored polyethylene garage doors. Picture the same hard plastic that is used in the back of pickup truck bed liners. These tough and durable garage doors often have longer warranties than all of the rest.

  • Fiberglass

Fiberglass is not nearly as common as many of the other options available in the garage door industry. Although very lightweight, they offer less insulation and resistance to weather exposure, mainly in regards to fading rather than durability. The panels are actually more resistant to dents, as they come encased in aluminum frames. The fiberglass garage doors are very desirable for consumers along coastal regions, due to their resistance to salt water air and corrosion.

  • Aluminum

Another lesser chosen alternative in garage doors is the aluminum style, which have a lot of the same qualities of steel, and without the heavier expense. They look pretty as a decorative garage door and come with long-lasting finishes, such as faux wood textures and patterns. However, even though aluminum garage doors are less expensive and lighter than their steel cousin, aluminum does have a higher risk of dents and dings.

  • Composite Wood

Also in the wood family, composite wood doors are crafted with recycled wood fibers. Hence, they have a similar texture and appearance to real, solid wood, yet with a better resistance to splitting and rotting. Wood composite can also be stained, painted or left as-is.

Never before have there been so many garage door choices in styles, materials, colors and options! If you are confused about which garage door is best for your home or commercial building projects, contact American Garage Doors of Mandeville, LA. We’d be happy to help.

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