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Things happen. We lose keys, phones or misplace important things sometimes, but what can you do if you have lost your garage door opener? Maybe you purchased a foreclosure property or rented a home with a garage, but the garage door opener is nowhere to be found. If your garage door in Mandeville, LA or Covington did not come with a garage door opener, or if it has somehow been misplaced, what can you do?

This is common issue that many homeowners and renters face. At American Garage Door, we often get calls from people who are frantically trying to figure out a solution to lost garage door openers.

First of all, if you purchased a garage door in Covington or Mandeville, LA, we can easily help you by sending a technician over who can reprogram your garage door opener. However, if you are reading this from afar, then we can be helpful by offering advice to get your automatic garage door working again.

Before you try to open it manually, be very careful. Opening the garage door manually can cause back pain – or if not done properly – it can break your fingertips. Garage doors made of steel, aluminum and heavy materials will require a lot of physical strength to open. But there is an easier way. Garage doors can be reprogrammed, and in many cases you can purchase a Universal Garage Door opener. Some garage doors have a keypad that can be reformatted, but in order to deter burglary attempts and break-ins, you should take steps to ensure entry from your home with an alternative method. This is especially true if you use your garage door as the primary entry to your home.

Here are 6 ways to resolve the issue of garage door opener replacement:

  • Purchase a Universal Garage Door Opener. American Garage Doors in the New Orleans metro vicinity carries universal garage door openers, but you can look into some garage door opener suppliers in your area if you happen to live beyond Covington or Mandeville, Louisiana.
  • The “Old Fashioned Way”. Before the era of technology, people called a locksmith to help them with issues of getting in their home. A locksmith may be able to help you reset the code in the remote, or at least help you get in through one of the other entries to your home.
  • Check Your Car. Many people do not realize this, but a lot of the newer cars come equipped with a universal garage door opener straight from the factory. The code has to be set for your home, but the remote keyless entry device is one in the same.
  • Hardware Stores and Home Improvement Retailers. Lowes, Home Depot or your local hardware store may sell garage door openers that you will have to install and/or reprogram if the garage door opener is already in place.
  • Look for a Lock Switch. Some garage door openers already have a lock switch as part of the unit, but if not, maybe the loss of your garage door opener is a blessing in disguise so that you can buy and install a more up-to-date system.
  • Refer to the Instruction Manual. Take a look at the make and model of your garage door opener. If the instruction manual is gone, many companies carry the instructions on their website. There are also a lot of tutorials on YouTube for do-it-yourselfers.

Losing your garage door opener is not the end of the world. It happens. There is always a solution to every problem!  If you need help, contact the knowledgeable garage door specialists at American Garage Door of Louisiana today.

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