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You'd be surprised at the number of odd things people have wanted to store in their garage. From alligators to a shrine of the band ZZ Top, we've seen it all in our years as the leading garage door dealer in Mandeville, Covington, Slidell and New Orleans.

But one item that is not so strange to store in your garage is your boat.

In fact, if the only other option you have is to leave your boat out on the water all year round, then we definitely encourage you to store your boat in your garage.

That's because an extended period of in-water storage will not only cause significant damage during even New Orleans' winters, but you're also opening yourself up to a greater likelihood of theft and vandalism.

Can't I just store my boat off-site somewhere?

There's nothing wrong with storing your boat in a separate storage facility, particularly if your garage simply isn't big enough to handle the job. However, these off-site storage facilities can be pricey, and might eat into your boating budget.

If you're fortunate to have a garage big enough to store your boat, we personally think this is the best possible way to protect your prized possession during the winter. Here are a few tips to make sure your boat remains safe and happy all year long.

Run boat antifreeze

One of the mistakes we see boat owners in the Greater New Orleans area make is thinking they won't need to use antifreeze in the winter.

Think again! New Orleans winters can get cold enough to do some serious damage to untreated boats. To protect your boat from the elements - even when stored in a garage - make sure you:

  • Run antifreeze through the cooling systems
  • Flush it through and fill the air conditioning system
  • Flush the water intake and run antifreeze through it
  • Make sure the water strainers are filled with antifreeze

You might also want to consider running antifreeze through the refrigeration, deck washdown pump, hoses, watermaker and pickle.

Take care of your engines and fuel

Depending on your boat's engine (inboard or outboard) the procedures will differ; however, you'll want to flush all engines with fresh water. Then spray fogging oil into the cylinders.

Make sure to keep your boat warm in your garage

Just because your boat is in your garage doesn't mean it's completely protected from the elements. If your garage is heated, then most of the work has already been done for you.

If your garage is not heated, your initial thought might be to simply add a space heater; however, space heaters, when left unattended, pose a serious fire risk.

You might want to turn to a garage specialist to help you improve the temperature efficiency of your garage. This might include upgrading your doors or replacing existing insulation.

If your garage is heated, we also recommend having a backup generator in place to ensure that space remains temperature-controlled, even during an emergency.

Keep it clean!

Wintertime is the perfect opportunity for you to remove all valuables and electronics from your boat, as well as your PFDs, fire extinguishers and flares. Replace any items that are damaged or outdated.

You should also take this opportunity to clean out your boat and all of the tiny items that you might otherwise overlook during the summer. It's always a good feeling to start the boating season off with a nice, clean, vessel.

Storing your boat in your garage - It can happen in New Orleans states that the best winter storage space for your boat is indoors, in a climate-controlled facility with a backup generator.

That sounds to us like the perfect description of your garage! Imagine savings thousands of dollars each year in storage, just by keeping your boat in a space in your house where you can look after it and ensure its safety.

That's priceless! If you're in the Greater New Orleans area and are interested in storing your boat in your garage, trust us, it's not as hard as it might seem, even if your current garage just isn't up to the challenge.

Contact American Garage Door of Louisiana today to learn more about how we can help you store your boat - and much more - in your garage.

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